Nuzhat Abbas

Singer, writer and social activist from Oxford, main vocalist of “Ik Tara” – a sub group of Confluence Collective; passionate to share her Punjabi Sufi poetry, folk and children songs to bring communities together. She has published books and audio CDs; working for the Peeple Centre (

Malcolm Atkins

Malcolm is a lapsed Marxist European composer/performer perturbed by the corporatisation of learning and the privatisation of compassion instrumental in the decline of the small island he inhabits. His main interest is in bringing communities together through sharing the combinations of sounds and movements that define our cultural identities.

Bruno Guastalla

Violin maker/repairer and musician based in Oxford

Gero Kempf

is a bass player from Munich, Germany, based in Oxford. On both the upright and the electric bass he enjoys to develop the bass point of view in a diverse range of musical and theatrical contexts.Being essentially a live player, he values the aesthetic and energizing aspects of making music as much as the social functions within and across communities.

Paul Medley

Musician and photographer. ‘I find engaging with Confluence to be a very rich experience that has led me to enjoy and to perform a wonderful diversity of musical expression.’

Andrew Smith

Songwriter, singer and guitarist.  “After a career in social housing and homelessness I am enjoying making music again with a very rich and diverse group of friends, aka Confluence.  Oxford is my home town but I feel connected with the rest of the world through songs.”

Lizzy Spight

(European, born in Germany)

Ballet, Musical, Contemporary dance, Laban, Folk, Improvisation, Butoh, Cross Arts Projects.

Qualified dance teacher, dancer, choreographer, performer, singer, researcher, dance movement psychotherapist (MA). Trauma and family work.

Inclusive community projects/ events as singer, dancer and teacher. Sharing music and dance from different cultural backgrounds.

Sylvia Vetta

Novelist and poet Sylvia Vetta wrote for The Oxford Times and other publications for 20 years. Sculpting the Elephant is set in Oxford and India. Brushstrokes in Time is set in China and USA. She can write with empathy about crossing cultures because she married Dr Atam Vetta when mixed relationships were unusual.  For information about her books, poetry and activism .